VHI – Reimagining eCommerce

VHI are Ireland’s number 1 and longest serving health insurance brand. To transform their business for the digital age, CKSK were appointed to lead the VHI brand towards a new digital customer centric model.

The Challenge

As part of the modernisation of the VHI brand, CKSK were asked to explore how existing and new digital channels could be transformed to deliver first class eCommerce and customer care across consumer and corporate business groups.

A hugely complex project, it required input from several business units, across the entire VHI organisation, significant regulatory and compliance considerations as well as an intensive user experience component to truly understand the motivations and opportunities around buying health insurance online.

The Solution

Having gained an understanding of how VHI currently sell health insurance products and service its customers both offline and online, the CKSK User Experience (UX) teams then conducted intense user testing to map out the gaps and opportunities in the digital health insurance eco-system.

Using these insights we created the full user journey and how VHI interacted with consumers online.

The end result is a user experience designed for mobile first; fully responsive and built around insightful consumer personas that ensured the most appropriate products were presented to the right audiences.

In a health insurance landscape that has traditionally made the job of finding the right health insurance plan hugely complex, this user centric approach has transformed the VHI brand online.

The Results

Within 3 months online sales had jumped by 214%

Mobile traffic increased by 65% with no advertising spend.

The site bounce rate decreased by 70%