Sol - Sol Search

Reimagining the humble search engine to reposition Sol as a global super premium beer by creating Sol Search – the Independent search engine.

The Challenge

Born out of Mexican revolution and still flying the flag for independent minded people today, in 2014 Sol spotted an opportunity to bring its brand of independence to a place on the internet that beer brands don’t normally go…search.

You see in our eyes, search isn’t a very independent place right now. One brand owns 85% of search. The answers we get are the most popular results found by web crawlers not people trawling through the Internet for answers. Even our private data is used to sell ads to 3rd party advertisers. So rather than shoot another TV ad, we decided to create an independent search engine and designed it to challenge everything mainstream search engines are based on.

The Solution

Search “Gallery” in Google and you get the Saatchi. Search “Gallery” in Sol Search and you discover the “Proud Archivist”, a cultural hub on the Regents canal, gallery and café-bar in one. Our results inspire Sol drinkers to get off the couch and discover a world beyond the mainstream.

We created this web service by finding independent minded people who reviewed venues online via social API’s and built a bespoke recommendation engine designed to offer results from like-minded people not robots. No data collection, no ads, no beer bottles. We even send you to places that don’t sell Sol.

The Results

Did it deliver our idea of independence? – Yes! 57% of users believed Sol Search delivered more independent results than other search engines. Sol Search built our brand too; equity increased by 12% amongst Sol Search users and 66% strongly considered drinking Sol after searching. And we sold a lot more beer - an extra 6 million bottles.

By challenging the conventions of beer marketing and rethinking the search experience we have shown Heineken global another way to build a beer brand, making Sol the fastest growing global brand in the company, without the big budgets of much larger brands.

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