MyVHI - Member Portal Transformation

Vhi are Ireland’s number 1 and longest serving health insurance brand. Having previously worked with them to successfully reimagine their e-commerce and customer service solution, CKSK was tasked to do the same for their membership portal MyVhi.

The Challenge

For a high value purchase like health insurance, retention is key, especially when competition is rife in the market, with both existing and new entrants aggressively seeking to increase share.

Unfortunately up until now, Vhi’s message of “When you need us, we’re there”, which managed to gain the company recognition for communicating trust and care. was becoming lost online, as members’ renewals were primarily taking place through their call centre, as opposed to their website.

The modern consumer’s preferred service channel is digital, not only to facilitate purchase but also for the ongoing administration of their membership. This coupled with the potential for organisational efficiency within Vhi, made the transformation of their Members Only portal, MyVhi, into a simple, easy-to-use facility paramount.


The start of the process involved User Experience research and design with the creation of interactive prototypes that were tested on real Vhi members. This was then layered with creative and functional design. Building on the new responsive website framework that we created for, MyVhi was designed to work optimally across all platforms, desktop, mobile and tablet, allowing the consumer to interact at any point during their day.

Users’ priorities were ease of claims’ submissions and access to information regarding progress of payment. This was addressed through the creation of the Snap & Send app for submissions and an easy to navigate Claims section. The Digital membership card was introduced to allow members the ease of offline access to their policy details in an emergency situation or whilst abroad.

The layout also affords Vhi promotional opportunities for cross-selling new products like Life Insurance and upselling Add-ons to existing policies. It also showcases Vhi’s added unique benefits like Nurseline, One-to-one midwife, Homecare and Vhi Swiftcare clinics.

The Results

CKSK exceeded all expectations with the results on, with online health insurance sales increasing by 214%, MyVhi went live on 28th November 2016. Within the next year, we would hope to have achieved a significant increase in MyVhi members’ renewals as well as increased brand equity and affinity scores. Watch this space!