Heineken BrewLock – Draught Technology Innovation

BrewLock is a breakthrough new beer dispensing system from Heineken that brings the brewery-fresh taste straight to the consumer, untainted by added CO2 gasses. Heineken pioneered the technology: we were tasked with bringing this to market for both consumers and customers alike.

The Challenge

The challenge in bringing technology to market is to articulate this innovation in a way that creates clear value and engagement among consumers. Our challenge was to help define this innovative technology’s functional and emotional benefits in a compelling way for Heineken’s customers and consumers alike and then bring this to life in an engaging and exciting solution.

The ultimate challenge: how do we create excitement around technology beyond the functional and build something truly engaging.

The Solution

Innovation through continuously integrating the newest technology to improve a consumer experience is vital to long-term sustainability of brands.

Bringing BrewLock to market required development of trade customer and consumer solutions;

For trade, a complete suite of digital tools for sales, distributor and staff training were developed supported by an online educational platform.

For consumers, a 360 platform was developed educating consumers about the benefits of BrewLock through a challenge to unlock legendary experiences with BrewLock in Bars across North America.

This complete launch campaign included a mobile platform, bar locator tools, Augmented Reality BrewLock education and ultimately the unlock Brewlock Competition.

The Results

Heineken BrewLock is rapidly rolling out in bars across North America as the preferred draught system for product delivery, aided by this ongoing education platform.

At the heart of this innovation are tangible results - BrewLock technology is yielding real gains for Heineken, with converted accounts outselling steel-keg holdouts by upwards of 20%.