Dos Equis – Winning with Sports Fans in Digital

Dos Equis sales have shown double-digit growth in sports bars. The Dos Equis MVP program continues this staggering growth with a national platform that challenges consumers to play with the Most Interesting Man during their favorite live sports events across America.

The Challenge

Drive consideration of Dos Equis during the sports occasion in bars across the country.

The consumer challenge became, engaging committed Sports Fans in Sports Bars across North America during their favorite sporting event with Dos Equis.

Whether it’s Football, Baseball or Basketball; how can Dos Equis make their sports experience even more interesting.

The Solution

Understanding that our audience didn’t want to be disturbed during their favorite games, the solution was a low effort, high engagement Twitter based platform.

We challenged consumers to submit their Legend Lines via Twitter with the chance to become part of Dos Equis MVP Hall of Fame, as judged by the Most Interesting Man.

To enter just fill in the blanks and tweet with #XXMVP to win prizes. The line used our infamous construct - “I don’t always _______, but when I do, I _______”.

Live scoreboards were provided in bars across the country allowing competitors to play against each other in bars or against other bars across the country with the very best Tweets each week entering the Hall of Fame and some serious Dos Equis prizes.

The Results

Dos Equis MVP was the standout sports bar program of 2015 and its success will continue to grow as an evergreen program for 2016 with sports bar engagement and activation of the program continuing to grow every month.