Coors Light - The Great Rocky Mountain Game

The most awarded mobile first marketing campaign in Ireland for Coors Light, which exceeded every KPI set and built brand growth year on year.

The Challenge

In Ireland light beers are still mainly drunk by women and in 2013 the majority of Coors Light drinkers in Ireland were female. We wanted to attract more young male drinkers to the brand without alienating our female drinkers, and drive trial.

The Solution

We identified mobile as the primary channel to engage young males and one of the growing areas they use mobile for is gaming. CKSK developed The Great Rocky Mountain Game app – a world of mobile gaming set in the Great Rocky Mountains, the home of Coors Light.

As well as being a great game to play we linked game-play performance to winning prizes – with 8,000 prizes to be won including thousands of free pints.

Supported by a fully integrated campaign above the line and featuring mobile innovation through geo-location technology, out of home digital media and mobile specific social media activation, The Great Rocky Mountain game exceeded every KPI and fuelled the continued growth of Coors Light.

The Results

Male to Female drinker profile shifted to 50/50 within year 1.

Over 150,000 app downloads since 2013.

3 million gameplays in total.

Sales targets exceeded by 50%

Most awarded mobile marketing campaign in Ireland.