Helping global organizations succeed through digital agility with continuous innovation and imagination

CKSK is an award winning global digital agency. We are digital natives. Technology is in our DNA. We have always understood the impact that technology would have on the future of business organizations. We work with our clients through technology, strategy, insight, product and user experience to transform their way of doing business.

MyVHI - Member Portal Transformation

Vhi are Ireland’s number 1 and longest serving health insurance brand. Having previously worked with them to successfully reimagine their e-commerce and customer service solution, CKSK was tasked to do the same for their membership portal MyVhi.

Sol - Sol Search

Reimagining the humble search engine to reposition Sol as a global super premium beer by creating Sol Search – the Independent search engine.

Dos Equis – Winning with Sports Fans in Digital

Dos Equis sales have shown double-digit growth in sports bars. The Dos Equis MVP program continues this staggering growth with a national platform that challenges consumers to play with the Most Interesting Man during their favorite live sports events across America.

VHI – Reimagining eCommerce

VHI are Ireland’s number 1 and longest serving health insurance brand. To transform their business for the digital age, CKSK were appointed to lead the VHI brand towards a new digital customer centric model.

Barrelhound – Creating & Launching a New Breed of Scotch

In a rapidly evolving category of craft whiskies and small batch success, Pernod Ricard USA sought to disrupt the norm with a new breed of smoother Scotch - Barrelhound. We worked with the Innovation Team at Pernod Ricard to take this product from concept to market in under 6 months.