What we do

At CKSK we offer a variety of services to a variety of clients, all who have needs specific to their individual requirements. Whilst the projects and campaigns we work on can be very diverse, everything we do derives from one or more of our three pillars.


Data analysis and insight based strategic planning is our starting point for virtually every brief we receive. This is the same whether we are tasked with re-positioning a brand, instigating a short-term product campaign or consulting on corporate change at C-Suite level.

Experience Design

Our approach to experience design is underpinned with strategy and underlined with creativity. We create innovative and engaging content that is designed to make real impact across all digital platforms and every conceivable consumer touchpoint.


We believe that our ultimate success comes from effectively joining up all the digital dots to deliver a seamless digital journey, in any direction and for any length the consumer chooses. For too long ecommerce has been seen as a final destination of a series of often random connections. Multi-channel sales conversion simply means that at any point and at any time, a person should be able to buy what you sell.

At CKSK we have the people, the skills and the tools to generate the strategic insights, creativity and end-to-end solutions your brand needs to cut through and prosper in a constantly evolving digital eco-system. There are an awful lot of digital dots out there. CKSK joins them up.