What we do

Transformation Consultancy

We live in an exciting time where the convergence of technology, digital platforms and data will reshape how organisations create value for stakeholders and unlock future possibilities. Through our highly experienced team of visionaries and strategic consultants we provide transformative consultative services that are positioning our global client partners to grasp the full potential of the digital space ; futureproofing for tomorrow.

Service & Experience Design

Today more than ever our end user demands the highest calibre experience throughout every touchpoint. Our approach is to push the boundaries across every user contact point both offline and online to imagine an optimised service and user experience that is ultimately designed to deliver true value as efficiently as possible. Our experienced team deliver this by identifying powerful user insights and design modelling solutions that unlock validated performance improvement.

Community Experience and Content Design

Imaginative ideas are the bedrock of any organisation or business. Our award winning team of creative and content specialists deliver creative Ideation, the highest quality production design and deliver this content through global channels via our Community Experience capabilities.


We will always be committed to the highest quality specification in digital asset and platform development, optimised hosting and continuous tech management. Our global team has a relentless dedication to building and sustaining best in class engineering capability across complex technology solutions.

Data Science

In a world consumed by big data, CKSK emphasises Power Data - useful data that creates actionable insight rather than data that burdens us with the trivial. Our competency in Data Audit, Analysis & Measurement and the generation of Actionable Insights sets us apart and creates high value dialogue with our client partners and return on investment. Our data science thinking is informed by strong insight and a curiosity around what data can unlock when applied to problem solving