Technical Production Lead

The Technical Production Lead works closely with the Project Management Team, and is responsible for preproduction planning, tender submissions and documentation and the technical production for CKSK.

Project Planning and Production

You will write and supply the technical briefs and documentation for the development team. This documentation will include initial specs and estimates, functional specifications and other supporting documentation for the initial kick off of a project. Ongoing documentation is required for maintenance projects. With the creative and UX team, you will complete tender documents for any new business opportunities.

The Technical Production Lead will help with the scaling of the development team to ensure that the resources are in place for upcoming project requirements. The scaling of the team includes recruitment of new team members and third parties where required.

During the production process the Technical Production Lead will work with the Project Management team to ensure the project is running to scope and on budget. The Technical Production Lead will refer to the project documentation to manage project scope & change requests and for clarification of features. Any concerns about project work will be discussed with the Client Service Team and the Project Management Team.

Technical Server knowledge:

Knowledge and understanding of server infrastructure and server requirements is necessary. There will be a requirement for communication and management of production and test servers environments.

Working with Other Teams

The Technical Production Lead will assist the Project Manager in updating the Client Services and Management teams on the progress of project development. This involves playing an active part in project scrum meetings as well as reporting on progress in agency status meetings.

The Technical Production Lead will also work closely with the Creative team to ensure UI assets are delivered to the development team on time and to specification. This includes checking through the creative to ensure it’s been designed to the correct specification for the development work to commence.

Working with Clients

The Technical Production Lead has client-facing responsibilities. There will be occasions when you will need to brief a client directly on the progress of a project and receive feedback on preview releases the client has received. The Technical Production Lead will also be involved in the tender and pitch process for new business opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Reports to the CEO
  • Responsible for front end and back end development and QA activities
  • Ensures projects are delivered to specification and on time
  • Work with and manage internal and outsourced development teams
  • Liaison between developers and the wider agency
  • Understands the technologies being used in CKSK projects from a management perspective
  • Works with the Creative team to deliver UI assets to developers
  • Works closely with the Project Management team
  • Client-facing role, representing the Technical Team in client meetings
  • Write technical documentation, for tenders and for production
  • Read and feedback on technical documentation from clients
  • Brief the development team on all projects