Shining a light on the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill

Yesterday evening, after 3 years of being in front of the Oireachtas, the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill officially passed all stages in Dáil Éireann. Although this is of no shock to anyone that’s been following the news of the Bill since it’s proposal, there are some repercussions for us as Digital Marketeers.

By Anne Zahan, Oct 2018

CKSK Appointed as Digital Marketing Agency for KBC Bank Ireland

KBC Bank has appointed CKSK as lead digital marketing agency following a competitive tender. The appointment comes soon after the news that KBC has confirmed its commitment to the Irish market and it becoming a core market for the KBC Group.

By CKSK, Feb 2017

Alphabet is the new Google

In case you missed it, yesterday evening Sergey Brin and Larry Page fundamentally changed how one of the world’s biggest companies operates, and in doing so shook up the tech industry.

By Aiden O'Brien, Aug 2015

LinkedIn- stuck between a meme and a hard place

LinkedIn has been a part of our professional lives for over twelve years now and though it never quite blew up like Facebook or Twitter, it was never really meant to anyway.

By Ciaran, Aug 2015

GoPro opens its library to advertisers

With GoPro’s recent announcement of their new GoPro Licensing platform, giving advertisers access to their library of quality footage, one thought stood out clearer than all else: why did it take this long in the first place?

By Ciaran, Jul 2015

Data Security in the age of Big Brother.

As our everyday lives become more and more interconnected with digital platforms the issues around privacy and how we store data online is becoming ever more central to our interactions, both consciously and unconsciously.

By Ciaran, Jul 2015