We live in an exciting time.

We find ourselves at the peak convergence of digital platforms, technology and data. Advertising, in a digital sense can no longer be just about the promotion of a brand or product. It must utilise the power of the remarkable technology that surrounds us, and is used as part of our daily lives. This ever-changing, sometimes volatile digital landscape can be overwhelming - we’re here to help.

MyVHI - Member Portal Transformation

Vhi are Ireland’s number 1 and longest serving health insurance brand. Having previously worked with them to successfully reimagine their e-commerce and customer service solution, CKSK was tasked to do the same for their membership portal MyVhi.

Sol - Sol Search

Reimagining the humble search engine to reposition Sol as a global super premium beer by creating Sol Search – the Independent search engine.

Dos Equis – Winning with Sports Fans in Digital

Dos Equis sales have shown double-digit growth in sports bars. The Dos Equis MVP program continues this staggering growth with a national platform that challenges consumers to play with the Most Interesting Man during their favorite live sports events across America.

VHI – Reimagining eCommerce

VHI are Ireland’s number 1 and longest serving health insurance brand. To transform their business for the digital age, CKSK were appointed to lead the VHI brand towards a new digital customer centric model.

Barrelhound – Creating & Launching a New Breed of Scotch

In a rapidly evolving category of craft whiskies and small batch success, Pernod Ricard USA sought to disrupt the norm with a new breed of smoother Scotch - Barrelhound. We worked with the Innovation Team at Pernod Ricard to take this product from concept to market in under 6 months.